1. Smokin Out The Window (The DJ Sega Remix)

  2. Lite Spots (The DJ Sega Remix)

  3. DJ Sega: The Rarities

  4. The You Don't Eat EP

  5. Worldwide Steppers (The DJ Sega Remix)

  6. Pup Pup Boogie (The DJ Sega Remix)

  7. Jerrod (DJ Sega's Break Remix)

  8. Rated R

  9. Scar

  10. At All (The DJ Sega Remix)

  11. I Love My Bitch
    Saint Noir

  12. Try Jah Love (The DJ Sega Remixes)

  13. It's A Shame (The DJ Sega Remixes)

  14. Vibe Worthy (The Believe What I Say DJ Sega Remix)

  15. E=MC2 (The DJ Sega Remix)

  16. A DJ Sega Xmas (2021-22)

  17. X (The DJ Sega Remix)

  18. On It (The Extended Smooth House Mix)
    Saint Noir

  19. Virtual Addiction
    Saint Noir

  20. Uptown
    Saint Noir

  21. Annihilate Em

  22. Enough Cryin (The Unofficial Maxi-Single) (2006)

  23. The DJ Sega Classic Collection: Volume Two

  24. Uncompromising
    Saint Noir

  25. Thrill Her

  26. Emerald City (Part One)

  27. Hope Your Dreams Come True (The DJ Sega Remix)

  28. Czar (The DJ Sega Remix)

  29. Yoga (The DJ Sega Remix)

  30. Wu-Tang 2020

  31. Hello, Good Mornin' (The DJ Sega Instrumental Remix)

  32. Already (The DJ Sega Remix)

  33. New Jack Philly II: Club Is Still A Drug (The Full Double-Album)

  34. New Jack Philly: The 10th Anniversary Digital Box-Set

  35. A Millennium Old Enough To Drink (Volume One)

  36. The Revival EP

  37. For Old Souls Only: The EP

  38. New Jack Philly 2: EP (Volume One)

  39. New Jack Philly 2: EP (Volume Two)

  40. New Jack Philly 2: EP (Volume Three)

  41. New Jack Philly 2: EP (Volume Four)

  42. New Jack Philly 2: EP (Volume Five)

  43. The DJ Sega Classics Collection: Volume One

  44. Moonshine (The Digital Box Set)

  45. The Sixer Series Collection: Volume One

  46. The Sixer Series Collection: Volume Two

  47. The Soundcloud Collection: Volume One

  48. The Soundcloud Collection Volume One 1/2

  49. The Soundcloud Collection: Volume Two

  50. The Soundcloud Collection: Volume Three

  51. The Queen Speech Remixes (Parts 1-4)

  52. The Unofficial Alright Maxi-Single

  53. The Paak Pack

  54. Double Childish

  55. Bucket O' Blood (The DJ Sega Remix)

  56. Psycho Theme (The DJ Sega Remix)

  57. Hit Fire (The Kevin Hart Theme)

  58. A Rose In Harlem (The DJ Sega Remix)

  59. Breathe And Stop (The DJ Sega Remix)

  60. Chun Li (The DJ Sega Remix)

  61. Negan's Theme

  62. Lift Yourself


DJ Sega Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The EDM scene is always looking for something more vibrant and different than what has come before it, but with a keen ear on what’s been done before, and no one brings that aesthetic with more ferocity and enjoyment than DJ Sega and his #TeamSega family. One perusal through his SoundCloud page will guarantee that you’re looking at the future of the scene right now. ... more

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